To express your interest and/or intent to apply for the workshops please use the message box in the Appointment part of this site and you’ll be informed of the details, times and venues. Best if you send your availabilities or preferred times and venue to help us planning the workshops.

MIndfulness workshophoz lotusMindfulness – 10 weekly sessions 2 hours each

Mindfulness means the conscious presence. In this research based 8 week workshop extended with an introductory and a closing session, we’ll practice techniques of the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) week by week, which experience can be really deepened by regular practice at home. Mindfulness is effective not only in depression and anxiety but we can feel its benefit in all other issues and in all fields of our lives. Instead of the stressful “doing mode” MBCT can really connect us and help to switch into the “being mode”.

groups or workshGroup Schema Therapy – This longer term workshop is planned for 60 hours and is available in two forms:

  1. once a week sessions in 2 hours for 30 weeks
  2. 10 one day workshops (the frequency will be discussed with the participants based on their availability)

Schema Therapy in group is even more effective in eliminating isolation, negativity and disconnectedness. It is effective in all life problems, mood disorders and anxieties as well as in complex cases, personality disorders or repeating difficulties. One or two individual sessions will be arranged before joining the group. The group will be open for new members to join.

CBT worksophoz depress or hard daysCBT workshop: Working with the Unhelpful Thinking Styles which can make us unhappy, depressed or anxious.

In this workshop we can discover and modify our own regular thinking patterns which can result in great improvements in several fields of our life. 1 Day.


Assertiv workshophozAssertiveness – 8 weekly sessions in group

To find the golden middle way of self-expression, without being too passive or too aggressive in getting our needs met. Our emotional expression, inner awareness and our relationship with ourselves and with others can improve during this workshop as of course our social skills will be enhanced. This group is very well recommended for those struggling with Social anxiety, Low Self-esteem, relationship problems or conflicts with others.

BodyWorks-hozBodyWorkShop  – 1 Day

To learn to listen to the messages what our body is sending, to develop a deeper, more accepting, good relationship with our own body. We’ll practice to recognise and manage the pain and other disharmonious feelings, sensations and energies in our bodies. The body work helps to control the physical reactions of anger and anxiety , improves our inner awareness and the self-healing potential of the body.

Inner Ch soaring-highInner Child – 1 Day

To connect with our own inner child, cultivate our relationship, know and understand the different aspects of our Inner child and their significance in our life. To learn techniques of managing the child modes for a healthier, balanced adult life.