stop-smokingIt is possible to give up smoking with one 45 minute long non-invasive treatment without side effects. Trust the latest technology: Bioresonance therapy
  • 80-85 % of people stop smoking forever after the first treatment
  • stop-smoking-biofeedbackif you are in that resistant 15-20 % you might need to repeat the treatment
  • The Stop smoking treatment is successful with thousands of smokers. This is not hypnosis, it works on physical, cellular level
  • The treatment is not just relaxing but gives the instruction to the cells to let the deposited nicotine go which caused the craving for more nicotine
  • it detoxicates on cellular level
  • before and after the treatment drinking water is essential to help the body to detoxicate
  • the process of detoxification can take up to a month
  • please don’t smoke for at least 2 hours prior the time of your treatment
  • bring one cigarette you used to smoke with you for the treatment where you’ll be asked to smoke it
  • best if you dress without metals and polyester/nylon in your outfit and take socks instead of tights
  • you’ll wear pants on your ankles, wrists and forehead with electrodes contacting your skin
  • the treatment is non-invasive, painless, most people doesn’t feel anything
  • you can promote the effect of the treatment by taking antioxidants
  • you’ll get more tips for preventing relapse during your treatment

Compared to other methods, Bioresonance is the most effortless and all natural way to give up smoking. The human cells emit different electromagnetic oscillations. The INDIGO Bioresonance device can sense these oscillations and returns them to the cells modified by the information of healthy functioning.
Drinking a lot of water is important as it helps the body in the detoxification while you’re preparing for the program and a few days after the treatment and it can prevent having a headache as a consequence of the increased level of toxins in the blood stream.